U.V. Disinfection Unit

Part Number

Your complete solution to meet even the most stringent environmental permit requirements, the PL-UV1 UV Disinfection Unit reduces bacteria levels from secondary effluent to achieve strict water quality standards. The PL-UV1 is unmatched for onsite and decentralized treatment applications, and constructed to provide reliable disinfection and superior operational life.

UV disinfection is routinely used in ecologically sensitive areas where residuals from chemical disinfection might possibly create problems in the receiving environment. Harmful pathogens and other contaminants, including some that are resistant to chemical disinfection, are rendered completely harmless by the reliable performance of the PL-UV1 UV Disinfection Unit.


  • Dual pass design
  • Weatherproof electrical components
  • Long-life UV bulb
  • Easy to install
  • No chemical residual or harmful by-products
  • Low electrical usage
  • Inexpensive to install and operate

Flow Rates:

  • 100 GPD through 8,640 GPD (Gravity flow only)

Required  Influent Characteristics:

  • 100 GPD - 4,320 GPD (3 GPM) with a 30 mg/L BOD and 30 mg/L SS
  • 4,321 GPD - 8,640 GPD (6 GPM) with a 10 mg/L BOD and 10 mg/l SS

UV Dosage:

  • Greater than 40,000 microwatt-sec per square cm at 254 nanometers


  • 65%