12"x20" Zabel A600 Filter Cartridge Only

Part Number

The 12" Zabel A600 filter with 1/64” filtration is ideal for specialty applications where very fine filtration is required, and low flows are expected. Due to fine, 1/64” level filtration, the A600 is recommended to be used with a SmartFilter® switch and alarm. The SmartFilter® switch provides notification of required filter servicing through the use of both an audible and visual alarm. A minimum of a 3” drop is required in the tank for proper SmartFilter® operation. The A600-12 series is available in 20”, 28” and 36” lengths.


  • Available level of filtration: A100 1/16", A300 1/32" & A600 1/64"
  • Flow rates of 3000, 2600 & 2200 GPD
  • Optional SmartFilter® switch and alarm
  • Versa-Case with built in reducer/adapter and allows solvent welding to either 4" or 6" SCH 40 pipe
  • Independent research has shown the A100-12x20 decreases TSS by 50-90% and CBOD5 by 20-40%
  • Optional gas deflector & automatic shut-off ball available on the 12”x20”