4"x18" Zabel A1800 Filter Cartridge w/ PL-68 Tee Baffle

Part Number

The 4" Zabel A1800 filter was designed for residential applications with flow rates up to 800 GPD. The cartridge design allows for easy installation and maintenance. All A1800 series filters feature a locking tab that securely locks the filter into the tee. With 1/16” filtration, this filter is available in 18” and 22” lengths. The 22” A1800 comes with a built in gas deflector.

Patented Inside Out Flow:

  • Zabel’s patented flow reduces the trapping of solids in the filter by allowing them to slough off and fall back into the tank for further decomposition.
  • Slots, rather than mesh screens, provide less surface area for solids to attach, and promote the sloughing action.
  • Independent research has shown the Zabel A1800 Series filters reduce TSS by 40% in residential applications.

One Peice Design:

  • Filters are no longer snapped together.
  • Won’t break when servicing.
  • Now made of polypropylene for extra strength.