POLYLOK PL-90860-CI Ductile Heavy Duty 4' Trench Drain (Channel & Ductile Grate)

Part Number

The heavy duty trench with ductile iron grates is H-20 when properly installed in concrete (at least 4”-6” underneath and around the sides). Each trench and channel section has anchor spots for rebar (to hold it down when filling around it), two sections to install 2x4s (to help with leveling and anchoring), and each 1’ section has a drainage port. The drainage ports accept 3” and 4” SCH40 pipe or 4” SDR35 pipe. Ductile Grates are available in 2’ sections only.


  • 4’ trench (black)
  • Two 2’ ductile iron grates
  • Hardware
  • Screws (#8x1-1/4 stainless steel Phillips Pan)

Optional accessories (sold separately):

  • 90o corner drain & ductile grate
  • Tee trench drain & ductile grate
  • End cap for trench drain (black)
  • End outlet for trench drain
  • 4” adapter for corrugated
  • 3” adapter for corrugated

Note: If ordering more than 10 units, the order may have to ship on a pallet. Additional shipping charges may apply on pallet orders.