Orifice Diffuser (Small: 3/4" - 1" Pipe)

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Polylok’s orifice diffuser offers advancements in effluent distribution you will not see in other pressure dosing systems. Our patented design includes an impeller that directs wastewater from the discharge piping in a 360º manner. This optimizes the leaching fields and protects the soils around the piping from unnecessary erosion.


  • Fits securely onto either ¾”-1” pipe or 1¼”-2” pipe
  • Constructed of engineered resin
  • Provides a tight fit which prevents slippage once installed
  • Slotted design prevents plugging of discharge openings with surrounding soil
  • Can be installed with discharge openings facing up or down
  • 360º equal flow distribution with impeller

Our orifice diffusers accomodate two sizes:

  • 3081 (¾” - 1” pipe)
  • 3080 (1¼” - 2” pipe)