Poly-Cleanse Powder (Bulk Pail)

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Poly-Cleanse™ uses a commercial strength strain of bacteria that helps to maintain your system. Polylok's Poly-Cleanse™ can be used in many different applications as a chemical free solution to your problems.

Septic Tanks, Cesspools, ATUs, Drainfield Drains, Grease Traps, Lift Stations, Sludge Ponds, and Sewers

Add our superior formulation of bacteria to help your septic system combat the everyday attack of anti-bacterial soaps, harsh cleaning products and the organic materials building up in your drains and septic system.

  • Triple Action - maintains drain lines, improves the bio activity in your septic tank and benefits your leaching field.
  • No hassle - easy to follow application guidelines printed right on the bottle.

Use our special blend of powerful bacteria to help keep your grease trap and drains running smoothly between your routine cleanings. The bacteria in our product have been formulated to attack the grease and other wastes at their source.

  • Specific bacteria strains - special bacteria added to reduce grease buildup and control drain flies.
  • Controls odors - our blended bacteria attacks foul odors and reduces the source that is causing the odors.

Poly-Cleanse™ attacks your toughest problem - GREASE. It actually destroys the connections between its molecular components, leaving no way for the grease molecules to combine or harden again.

  • Helps reduce grease build up on lift station floats, sidewalls and other mechanicals.
  • Works in all areas of municipal watewater systems and sludge ponds to help reduce organic build up and odors.

Our unique blend of five enzymes and aerobic bacteria was created to liquify specific types of solid waste found in septic tanks. The enzymes work where “bacteria based” products alone will not.

1 liquid gallon or powder & 5 liquid gallons or powder.