Polylok Complete 24" Riser Kit (14" Tall)

Part Number

The Polylok 24" riser kit comes complete with everything needed to install a septic tank riser system in your application. This package gives you approximately 14" in height. Additional 24" Polylok risers can be purchased and stacked on to this kit. 


  • Polylok 20"/24" Riser Adapter Ring (PN: 3009-AR)
  • Polylok 24" x 12" Riser (PN: 3008-R12)
  • Polylok 24" Riser Cover (PN: 3008-RC)
  • Polylok Adapter Ring Installation Anchor Kit (PN: 3009-KIT)
  • #10x1-1/2” stainless steel square drive screws

Optional 24"x12", 24"x6", 24"x3", and 24"x2" risers are available for this kit.

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